Mini Cabinet Refresh

If you know me at all, then you know that I love a project that I can finish within a few hours, and especially if it’s something easy enough to work on when I finish up my work day. and this little cabinet was the perfect project for that.

Before any work was done

Before we could start working, we had to gather our supplies..


STEP 1: remove hardware, separate the door from the rest of the cabinet, tape off the window if using painters tape

STEP 2: sand down all of the cabinet and the door with the sanding block, the wipe off the dust from sanding with a damp cloth

STEP 3: using the chalk paint, paint your pieces. Let dry and add 1-2 more coats, as needed, and allowing to dry in between coats.

STEP 4: spray paint your hardware.

STEP 5: while the hardware dries, use the razor blade (very carefully) to scrape the paint off of the window of the door.

STEP 6: measure the places (in this case, the shelves) where the contact paper is going to go. Cut contact paper to size, peel it and stick it in place

STEP 7: replace the hardware and tada- you did it!

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