Fabric Pumpkins for Fall

Hey y’all, in the spirit of fall let’s make some fabric pumpkins. These were super easy to make and a ton of fun. A yard or two of fabric goes a long way for these pumpkins. You are able to customize these to your own style and reuse them for the upcoming years. Let’s get started!

Youtube Video – click here


Velour Fabric




Extra StrongThread


Rice or beans (from grocery store- uncooked)

Sticks from outside


Cinnamon Sticks



Pruning and Cutting Scissors

Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Start by cutting your fabric into different size squares and rectangles. Then fold those cut pieces into fourths, and cut a semi circle out of the folded piece. The rounded cut that you are making should be on the edges that are not folded. These pieces do not need to be perfectly circular, it will still turn out. Each pumpkin is different so it’ll just make it more fun if the pieces you cut are different.
Next, you will cut your thread so that it is long enough to double it. Once it is doubled And thread through the needle you will take the two ends and wrap it around your pointer finger as shown above. Then you will take the thread and rub it between your thumb and pointer finger a few times, and then you will pull it out towards the ends, and a knot will have formed.
Once your thread is set up, you will start your needle on the inside of your fabric, what will be the inside of your pumpkin. If you are using burlap, create a knot by starting on the inside and then coming back around the fabric through the weave of the burlap, so that it is more secure.
Next, you will weave your needle in and out through the fabric until you have gone all the way around the circle.
Pull your thread so that a pumpkin form is noticeable, but so that you still have a hole in the top of your pumpkin.
Add some beans and rice to weigh your pumpkin down.
Add the poly-fil until you are happy with how filled the pumpkin is.
Pull the thread tight to close up your pumpkin.
Put the needle through two different parts of the opening in the cinched pumpkin.
Wrap the thread around the tip of the needle a few times, and then pull it through to tighten it. Repeat this two times, and then threadwrap the thread around the tip of the needle a few times, and then pull it through to tighten it. Repeat this two times, and then cut your thread.
Next, we add the stems.
I used cinnamon sticks, but you can use regular sticks, corks, or any idea found on Pinterest. Hi did not use hot glue for my project but if you are using courts or another method, or you want your son to be more secure, you can use hot glue for this step. I cut my cinnamon sticks in half with pruning shears.
Then I placed the stick inside the opening of the pumpkin.
After that I Tied some ribbon around a few of my stems to make the pumpkins look “more fancy”. And Wala there are your fabric pumpkins!
YouTube Video – click here

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, until next time!

– Heather

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