Anthro Dupe Garland

If you’re anything like me, then you LOVE anthro, but sometimes you don’t want to pay the anthro prices. I found a Garland that I loved on their site and decided to try to make one, or two, for myself.

This was the inspo for this project, a $78 dollar Garland, which i was able to recreate 2 for about a third of the price.

Let’s get started 😉


As always, use what you have on hand and make it your own, that’s what I did, though I did have to buy a few things.

Step 1

Start with your thicker or velvet yarn and gather the 3 different colors together. Then either use the large crochet hook to crochet a single chain the length that you want your garland, or braid the 3 strands together to length.

Leave a few inches on both ends to tuck in later. For help with the crocheting part, click here

Step 2

Make your Pom Poms with the thin colorful yarn, I made 9 per garland, but it is up to you how you space them and how many you put on. This goes for every aspect of the garland- the poms, the bells, and the tassels.

I used a toilet paper roll to make mine. I wrapped the yarn around until I had desired thickness, then used a longer string to secure the Pom Pom. Then I trimmed the Pom Pom to make it uniform, and I left the securing string long to be able to tie it to my garland. For help with Pom Pom making, click here.

Step 3

Take your wood beads, and some embroidery floss, and make thread about 5-6 beads onto the floss. I folded my floss in half, and knotted the looped end, then threaded the loose ends of the floss through the beads using a craft needle. You can also paint the beads if you want, I did for some of them and others I just left as natural wood.

Step 4

Gather your fun trim ribbon and make some tassels out of them. Fold them in half 3x, tie the looped ends together, add the string and wrap about 3/4 of an inch down from the looped end and make it a tassel, then trim the other ends. You will repeat this process if you decide to make your own embroidery floss tassels as well, but you will want those to be wrapped more times.

Step 5

Step 6

Assemble your garland, I did mine in a pattern of Pom, embroidery tassel or beads, bell, ribbon tassel, embroidery tassel, then repeat. I just tied the pieces from on with embroidery floss or string.

Step 7

Hang your garland and enjoy! Add lights or greenery or whatever else you may want.

Until next time, friends!

❤ Heather

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