Hexagon Shelves

To go with my hexagon wall, I wanted some hexagon shelves. But I didn’t want to pay the hefty price to just buy them from the store and not have them be exactly what I wanted, so I made my own. And here’s how:


Step 1

Measure and mark out 9- 7” pieces on both of your boards using your tape measure (this will make 3 hexagons). Using your square draw a line on your marks so you know where to cut.

Step 2

Using your saw, I used my Ryobi Miter Saw from Home Depot, I made straight cuts on my marked lines. Once all my straight lines were cut, I set my angle to 30deg and cut both ends at opposite angles (see below).

If you don’t have a miter saw that you are able to change the angle of your cut, you will first have to measure and mark your angle and then cut it from the line that you marked.

Below as what your pieces should look like.

Step 3

Sand the edges with your sanding block. Then lay out a piece of painters tape on a clean space on the ground/floor with the sticky side up. Line up 6 hexagon pieces long end to long end on the tape with no gaps in between.

Put glue on one of the angles sides of each piece and spread it around on that whole angled side. Then start with one end and slowly press all the angled edges together to form the hexagon. The extra tape on the ends with be to hold the hexagon together.

Wipe off any glue that squeezed out of the edges and wait 24 hours for the glue to dry and harden. If you are using these hexagons for any sort of load bearing, you will want to reinforce the edges with Brad nails or screws along with the nail gun. Mine are only housing small and light pieces of decor so I didn’t bother doing that here.

Step 4

After the glue has dried for 24 hours, then we will fill in the cracks with wood filler. I just used my finger and pressed it into the cracks and seams of the hexagons, and it is okay if it isn’t completely smooth. Follow the directions on the container for drying times, but after it dries, give it a light sand with your sanding block. Then wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any dust.

Step 5

Now the fun part, let’s paint our hexagons! I used the awesome zibra brush hat I have linked above(and if you wash the brush with dish soap before the first use, the cleanup and lifespan of the brush is a lot longer.

One the paint was dry, I just hung the hexagons by putting nails in the top two corners of the hexagon, since I won’t have a ton of weight on mine. And then I decorated then.

I can honestly say that I am in love, and I hope you have as much fun making some hexagon shelves as I did.

Until next time,

❤ Heather

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